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Our Community 

While a well diversified fund of fund should provide peace of mind, it is sometimes a bit abstract, especially for the entrepreneurs amongst our investors. While we cannot change the nature of a fund of fund, we invest significant time and effort in being as close to our investors as possible.

Business Meeting

Building a network of top tier investors

Top Tier Access organises at least four events per year for our community of investors, advisors and fund managers. While typically informal in nature, these events provide a decent occassion for our community to meet the team and vice versa. The internal networking opportunities are a nice bonus here.

 Upcoming events

No events at the moment

At TTA we believe in demistifying Private Equity  

Our latest initiative is our Next Gen Academy, exclusive to the next generation of our investors, typically at the beginning of their professional career. In four sessions, we endeavour to explain the basics of private equity and portfolio management, while also illustrating 
how private equity creates value within the economy with concrete examples.

Professional Cyclist

The future of investment: NextGen Academy

TTA on the road 

TTA is strongly active in the Private Equity landscape, meeting with leading PE firms and expert accross the globe. You can find us at the follwing event. Feel free to reach out to meet up.   


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