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TTA in a nutshell

Founding partners Sam and Joel had already been working together since early 2017, running a network and event organisation for family offices.
At the suggestion of a few Belgian family offices, they pivoted the business towards a private equity fund of fund in 2020, building on the deep
networks they had built out over the years. The combination of providing access to top tier private equity funds at reasonable costs rapidly caught on
which enabled them to build out a team of currently seven people, dedicated to private equity investing and serving over 150 investors, mainly in Belgium. Over the years, various best practices were added rendering our due diligence now on par with any institutional from Belgium.

How we invest 


Focusing on strict investment criteria


Securing access to top quartile funds


Conducting thorough due dilligence 


Validating with our internal advisors and IC


Ensuring steady deployement over time

Our pillars for sucess

Roll up your sleeves 

We prefer private equity managers who are hands on-with their portfolio companies.  These managers are hard to access.
We do what it takes to provide that access.

Do not overdiversify

Excessive diversification at best just averages down your result. We select only top tier managers out there. There aren’t that many of them.

Think Long-Term

Attempting to time the market does not work. We believe in steady and continuous deployment to create a long term private equity program.

Keep it nice and simple

Our fund of funds only invests in buyout funds. We do not add co-investments or other asset classes.
We stick to two core markets: Europe and North-America. There is no need for additional risk..

Low Fees

High fees damage returns. We do not charge carried interest, only reasonable management fees. Still, we provide quality portfolios, year after year.

Optimal fiscal structure 

Smart structuring to reduce administrative and cost load to investors, this includes natural persons and company investors.

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