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Top Tier Access

is a structure, which invests in first class private equity with select family offices and private investors.

Who we are
Where we invest
What we believe

Who we are

Top Tier Access (TTA) is a Belgian investment vehicle established in 2020.  It is the realisation of several Belgian family offices who, desirous of a well-diversified private equity portfolio, decided to pool funds to create an investment vehicle that could commit substantial tickets to private equity funds.


Often the reserve of institutional investors, top performing private equity funds generally offer above average returns to the long-term investor.  

Top Tier Access provides its Belgian backers with a low cost, transparent vehicle to do this and thereby aligns its interests with those of the selected private equity funds.

Where we invest 

We allocate to venture and to buyout stage private equity fund managers who have proven their excellence over several vintages. Practically this means teams who have a strong operational thesis, skin in the game, and who have successfully ridden out cycles and crashes.

Portfolio fundso


TTA believes in long-term, patient capital. This means partnering with managers for several vintages in order to mitigate changing market conditions, but also to build strong working relationships.

Our founders and investors are Belgian families with deep ties to a range of industries. An ability to leverage these networks where possible offers additional value to our private equity partners. 

The environmental, social, and governance (ESG) guidelines that funds abide by are vetted to ensure alignment with the personal values of TTA’s backers. 

What we believe

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